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After freezing temperatures in the eastern US, Florida experienced its first snowfall of the year on Wednesday, March 2. Several snowfalls fell in northern Florida, with a total of 1.5 inches of snow falling in the city of Orlando alone.

Snowbirds, Florida Snowbirds have been traveling to Florida for over 100 years to spend the winter in this beautiful state. A few things you probably don't know about Snowbird Season : Florida has one of the highest snowfall rates in the United States and the second highest snowfall limit in winter. Summer in Orlando is quite warm, so if you plan well, you'd better plan ahead.

The winter months of December, January and February generally offer some of the most pleasant temperatures in the Orlando area. Rainfall is minimal, but humidity can still be high and temperatures can cause headaches, headaches and nausea. The winter month of October to December generally offers some, if not all, of the most pleasant temperatures in Orlando, and the area is generally served by the winter years of November, December and January. The amount of precipitation is close to a minimum, although the humidity is still high and the temperature can also cause problems.

September is usually the peak hurricane season in Florida, and the fall in Orlando brings monthly rainfall of about 3.7 inches. The average rainfall for this month is about 2.5 inches, or about the same as the average for the entire year. Hurricane season is sweeping through much of Florida, which can put an unexpected dampener on travel plans as the tourist season falls on summer. Although the weather in Orlando has been pleasant throughout the year, increased rainfall in the winter months of October, November, December and February can affect travel planning.

When traveling to the Orlando area, it is a good idea to pack for the extremely high temperatures during the winter season. When traveling to Orlando in the summer, pack light clothing to protect yourself from the sun and rain. Rain jackets, ponchos and umbrellas are also mandatory in spring. A raincoat is also better than an umbrella during hurricane season, as tropical storms are often accompanied by strong winds.

While frost and strong winds are not too common in Florida, storms are extremely common, with almost daily rain showers. By following the safety guidelines for severe thunderstorms during your trip and keeping up to date with the latest hurricane information in Orlando, you may be able to avoid a major disaster on vacation. Florida is also experiencing rare near-freezing conditions, which could affect the run on the new roller coasters at times. Hurricanes and tropical storms can be monitored and tracked through the National Weather Service's Hurricane Watch and Tropical Storm Watch websites.

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Wesh - TV Channel 2 Weather on - air and on the Weather App for iPhone, iPad and Android for the latest weather updates.

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Chill seekers can buy a ticket for two hours of inflatable boating, get a day pass or buy tickets for two hours of inflatable boating for $10. Bring your own hose kit, hose equipment and a water bottle and bring it with you. Chill seekers are located on the south side of Lake Okeechobee, south of the Florida State Fairgrounds in Orlando.

In Orlando, winter is short, cool and partly cloudy, summer long, hot and humid with high temperatures in the mid to mid-90s and clouds covering the sky. In June, the weather in Orlando and Florida is almost invariably hot, humid and can get very wet. Bebe in Florida in summer, where humidity and temperatures can reach triple digits. It can get hot in some parts of the state, especially near Lake Okeechobee and Orlando International Airport.

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