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Orlando and Florida in general are a surprisingly diverse area with plenty to do, but if you were too busy to enjoy the theme parks, don't forget. Orlando visitors come and go every day and take the time to explore everything outside of an amusement park.

There are many activities that are at least as much fun as exploring the theme parks and even more fun than the amusement parks.

A hot air balloon ride 400 feet above Disney Springs is a unique activity to consider. Riding one of the gondolas is another fun way to explore the diverse Orlando landscape, including Disney theme parks, the Magic Kingdom and even the Walt Disney World Resort.

The gardens usually have a tropical collection due to the great weather in Florida, but if Florida is the right place, you have a lot of tropical plants to choose from, such as tropical pines. If you're taking a day trip to one of Florida's most popular tourist attractions, another treat is welcome.

It's a great way to spend a few hours away from the heat of the park if you have young children, and kids can also enjoy the added benefit of having them with you while dining at one of Florida's most popular restaurants, such as the Blue Ribbon Grill or Bistro.

If you choose one of these fun restaurants, you will feel like you are part of the excitement while visiting the theme park. You can also skip the usual chains that populate the area, such as Disney World, Universal Studios Florida and Universal Orlando Resort.

It's also a prime gator-watching spot, and if you want to stretch your legs, Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studios are also just a ten-minute walk away. If you stay at Doubletree Disney World Resort, you can pick up your rental car at the car rental location. From here you can catch an official bus from Walt DisneyWorld that will take you around the park at no extra charge.

You can study the birds that inhabit the free-flying birds in the bird centre, as well as the many other birds in the park, such as birds of prey, butterflies and other animals.

In the park you can enjoy an exciting airship ride that takes you through the Everglades to see the beauty of the surrounding wetlands. To gain access, however, you must add an extension of your water park ticket to your Legoland Florida ticket. We also recommend downloading a free app for your iPhone or Android device, where once you have created an account you can access all the attractions without having to queue or pay at the gate with your Go Orlando Pass. Use our interactive GPS-activated map, and don't forget when you pay for a gate - to - Go Florida Pass and combine your entrance fee with a map of the Magic Kingdom or Walt Disney World Theme Park Pass, we can save you up to 50%!

Seeing alligators in their natural habitat is one of the best ways to see them in Florida, and seeing alligators on a reported airboat trip is definitely one that is only really possible in a handful of states. Lake Jesup is said to be the largest freshwater lake in the United States and the second largest in South America. While you are there, you can take an airboat to observe the diverse wildlife of Florida. Visiting the beach is a good alternative to the theme parks, especially on extremely hot and humid days, when a walk through the crowded and unshady theme park is simply unbearable.

It is nice to take a relaxing walk that keeps you away from traffic and crowds, and it is also a good alternative to the theme parks on hot summer days.

With the warm, sunny weather in Florida, there is nothing better than swimming in the water. The spring experiences in Orlando are incredibly refreshing and you are looking for unique experiences to spice up your vacation.

There is much to do in this part of the state that does not include expensive and crowded amusement parks that can function in certain circumstances, but you do not have to be a child. Enjoy free shows and entertainment in Disney Springs, and for a complete list of all free events and activities at Walt Disney World Resort, click here. This spot is so popular that everyone forgets how much more the great Florida city has to offer.

Start in Celebration, where you can enjoy the unique architecture of this global city. You can have hours of fun without spending almost as much as you do in the parks. Read on to see a list of the funniest things to do with your kids in Orlando and subscribe to our newsletter to receive special coupons. Sign up and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with all the latest news, events, discounts, freebies and more!

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