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Florida - Central Florida is known for its theme parks and beaches, but the Orlando area also hosts some of the most interesting museums and museums in the world that you may never have heard of. Visitors from far and wide flock to Orlando to visit beaches and parks, as well as all of its attractions such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Florida and Disney's Magic Kingdom.

This beautiful area is home to a number of museums and theaters, and the Orlando Museum of Art is one of the main attractions there. The museum offers a variety of fascinating permanent exhibitions to explore, as well as a large collection of artifacts and artefacts from around the world. This museum is the largest of its kind in the USA, with over 100,000 works of art and more than 1.5 million artifacts.

The Orlando Museum of Art delights visitors with its diverse collection of artworks from around the world, as well as a variety of special exhibitions and events.

One of the Orlando Museum's biggest hits is the Children's Discovery Center, a family exhibition designed for children up to seven years old. The Orlando Science Center houses the largest collection of exhibits in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in the country.

Also on site are several restored Florida Cracker Houses, which depict rural Florida life from the 1870s to the 1930s. Outside in the sculpture garden by the lake, Mennello hosts the annual Orlando Folk Festival, which takes place in the second week of February. Learn about the history of livestock and citrus fruits and learn about the history of the Orlando Natural History Museum and the city of Orlando.

Learn more about the history of the Orlando Fire Department at the museum, which has a restored 1926 American LaFrance fire engine in its collection. The Orlando Natural History Museum and the Orlando City Fire Department have reopened after taking over the property from the Historical Society of Central Florida.

This is not an educational museum, but it is fun and it offers a wide range of interactive exhibits and activities for children and adults. Since its foundation, the museum has been dedicated to enriching Florida's cultural life by enriching the visual arts. As someone who has surrounded Orlando all his life, I can tell you that Orlando is an overlooked center of art and culture. People from all over the world travel to experience the great art that the Orlando Museum of Art and Florida State Museum have to offer, making it one of the most Instagrammable places in Orlando.

This museum in Orlando is perfect for families, but it is also a great place if you want to escape the extreme weather in Florida for a while. The heat is over and the children need a little help to get around the house, especially in summer with the heat and humidity in Orlando.

The Cornell Fine Arts Museum is located on the campus of Rollins College in Winter Park and houses more than 5,000 artistic objects from ancient to modern. Come and see the works of famous American designers, artists and artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. The Cornell Fine Arts Museum in Orlando has a collection of over 1,500 artworks from around the world, including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, sculptures, jewelry, glass, woodwork and more. Complement your visit here with a visit to one of our favorite museums in the Orlando area: the Florida Museum of Natural History.

If you want to learn more about technology, the McTureous Homestead Museum in Altoona, Florida is about an hour from downtown Orlando (57 minutes). One of our favorite museums, which happens to be in the Central Florida / Orlando area, is the Orange County Regional History Center. The historic center is located in the masterfully restored 1927 Orange County courthouse in downtown Orlando and has always been one of the top museums in and around Orlando.

This Florida children's museum is designed for preschool and elementary school students and is located about an hour and a half from downtown Orlando (57 minutes). This museum has a variety of interactive exhibits, including a puppet show, a play area and an interactive exhibition about animals.

If you've ever been to Orlando and happen to be looking for the perfect art museum, check out the Mennello Museum of American Art. If you want to spend a challenging day, visit some of the art museums in Orlando, including the Morse Museum and the Orlando Museum of Art, or be sure to visit Too many interactive exhibits. Visiting museums and theatres in the El ando area means you may want to have lunch or dinner while exploring and admiring some of the beautiful works. Like most museums in Orlando, it means you're not bored, which is great for children and adults alike.

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