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Orlando World? Well, that’s what the city became after Walt (A.W.). But, that’s not entirely fair. There’s more to Orlando, of course. A lot of regular life goes on there. And, all the main attractions, like Disney World and Universal Studios, lie outside the Orlando city limits. But, you can’t get better entertainment.

Let’s not forget the Orlando Magic. They’re a major draw, too. There’s even a Cirque du Soleil attraction here. Zoos, a Holocaust Museum, the Cornell Fine Art Museum, plenty of malls, and in the summertime, brief daily afternoon (4:00-4:30) thunderstorms on their way to Daytona Beach in the evening. When Cape Canaveral has a launch, head on over toward Titusville and watch from the side of the road as the spacecraft lifts off. Or, just enjoy central Florida life where big plants that grow in front yards are exactly like those little plants you keep in pots in your house up north.

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